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I remember when I was eight years old; my father told us that we were going to Lake Welch. The lake was crystal clear with beautiful tan sand. The soft breeze would come over the lake and cool the beach areas. That night I could barely sleep because of the anticipation of the trip. Every…

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Flea Flicker

We spoke about fleas in our last devotional. We fumigated our home, placed powder on the rugs, put collars on cats, cleaned the sheets, and just when we thought we had the victory, one flea pops up to let us know it had survived. I read volumes of material on how to get rid of…


THANK YOU for a GREAT VBS!!!!!!!!!

It was an amazing week of energy, teaching and fun during Cave Quest VBS:  Following Jesus the Light of the World (July 24-28, 2016)!  We had approximately 70 children attend, some were visitors, and cannot thank our wonderful volunteers enough for all of their hard work. There was a new theme/Bible point everyday. Upon arriving,…

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Recently we have been dealing with a simple little pest called fleas. One day they arrived in our home. First, they invaded our cat. Then they began chewing on our kids. I never dealt much with fleas. In northern cold country, fleas don’t do well. However, in the warm climate of Texas hospitality, they have…

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Nothing new under the Sun?

It is interesting that some things don’t change except technology and our age. Human nature however is a different story. Since the beginning of time, we were created in the image of God. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of…

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Fantasy World

Lately I have been seeing young boys and girls, Adult men and women, and even some elderly people walking around with their phone chasing imaginary animals. I have never seen anything like this. According to several reports, a man fell off a cliff while chasing this fantasy pet. A young boy broke into a home…



Have you ever been deceived? It happened to a Pastor friend of mine while visiting Jerusalem. He loved to play chess. Very often on route to another site that was hours away he would pull out his portable chess set and play anyone who was up to the task. In Jerusalem he saw a beautiful…

Who are you talking to?

Everywhere He sees hurting persons, crushed with sin and sorrow and pain. But He also sees their potential;

Thanksgiving Praise

Thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the Lord thy God hath given thee Thanksgiving and praise should be expressed to God for temporal blessings and for whatever comforts He bestows upon us.

The Patient- Part 2

One of the things I noticed as a patient in the hospital, is that every person has a vital role. From the receptionist, to the admission clerk, and then to the staff on the unit, each one plays an important part. Then when you finally arrive at your room, your patient care assistant and nurse…

The Island

The rain came down and the waters came up. The Houston area experienced what is called a “500 year flood”. I watched through the windows to determine if the water was going to reach our home. The first day of the storm resulted in the water cresting around a foot from our front door. Our…

The Path

I haven’t kayaked in two years. It was time to get back in the saddle, and experience the joy of nature. It had rained the previous day, and the water level was higher than normal. As we traveled down the creek it was easy and exciting. Finally we stopped at the 3.5-mile mark to rest,…

Jewel weed

Have you looked in the mirror lately? The sin rash starts very small. Then very quickly it begins to spread. But there is hope, Jewel weed! Jesus will stop the spread of the poison.

New Beginnings

The mighty power of the Holy Spirit works an entire transformation in the character of the human agent, making him a new creature in Christ Jesus