Communication ministry calls for the support of every layperson, Church employee, and Church institution. The communication department promotes the use of

  • a sound program of public relations and all contemporary communication techniques,
  • sustainable technologies,
  • and media in the promulgation of the gospel.

“We must take every justifiable means of bringing the light before the people. Let the press be utilized, and let every advertising agency be employed that will call attention to the work.”—6T 36.

“Means will be devised to reach hearts. Some of the methods used in this work will be different from the methods used in the work in the past.”—Ev 105.

Communication Director—The communication director should have the ability to meet people and rightly represent the Church, sound judgment, good organization, effective writing skills, and a willingness to carry out assignments.  The director gathers and disseminates news to local media, cooperates with the conference communication director, and presents periodic reports to the business meeting. The conference communication department provides appropriate instruction and help to communication directors. The pastor, who is primarily responsible for the communication program of the church, will work closely in an advisory capacity with the communication director or committee. Any department or organization may appoint an individual to provide the communication director or committee with information about newsworthy events.

Communication Committee—In a large church, a communication committee may more adequately handle the many facets of the public relations and communication program. The church elects the committee, and the communication secretary serves as chairperson. Members of the committee may be assigned specific communication responsibilities, such as working with the press, media producers and online personnel, and internal church media.




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Love Covers All Prison Ministry

Jester 1 Facility, Richmond, TX
The Love Covers All Prison Ministry of Houston Central Church is a ministry that holds Bible Studies with inmates in a minimum security revolving door men’s prison located in Richmond, TX every 1st, 3rd & 5th Friday nights at 7:00 pm. Every second Sabbath we have a full blown church service at 3:00pm. We also have quarterly meetings to refresh and inspire us on the 4th Sabbath every 3 months at 2:30 in our church conference room.