Reflections: Spotlight on Personal Testimonies – April Strickland

Husband and wife team April and Joshua Strickland share a personal testimony on preparing for country living, what led them to develop the Reflections Ministry, how the Lord has revealed Himself through trials and triumphs and what work He has set before them.

“This came about from a long series of events”, April states as the testimony opens, “and what this is meant to do is draw the congregation together and get us talking about what it is the Lord has done for us.”  She goes on to state that “We’re not talking about the things that are truly relevant, how we are growing closer to God and how the Lord is moving in our life, and we should be sharing with each other all of these wonderful things…”

The couple has faced several challenges in accomplishing the goal of leaving the city. Like many individuals, financial constraints were the biggest hurdle and the path to overcoming that obstacle was not clear until they faced what looked like a way out, only to be met with defeat and discouragement.

Together, April and Joshua met the challenges with prayer and united front. Armed with God’s grace and blessing, they continued to push through. All the while, attacked by repeated illnesses, family problems, mounting work pressures, possible job termination and trials, their dependence on God grew and He led the way to triumph over the hopeless situation they faced.

As time passed, leaving the city was becoming a bigger obstacle as it was not the Lords will at that time. What was the reason? What did the Lord reveal to them? What was His plan and purpose for keeping them in Houston?

April and Joshua share a burden for the young adult community and have a passion for encouraging them and enabling them to thrive in their young lives with the biblical foundations and practical applications for the unique challenges they face in today’s world. God’s will to lead them in the Young Adult ministry here in Houston part of His plan and purpose.

Through prayer, a powerful vision and His patience and leading, God revealed the need for humility and complete submission to Him. He revealed a need for patience and a teachable spirit, to be shaped and molded into the servants He wanted them to be.

If you have a personal testimony that you would like to share we want to hear from you. Please contact the Reflections Ministry at ReflectionsMinistry @

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