Reflections Spotlight: Alicia Baker

How easy is it for our youth to fall into Satan’s hand? How easily can our youth be lost in the darkest part of this world? This month’s Spotlight guest, raised in the SDA church, protected and sheltered growing up in America’s Heartland, found a dark and dangerous world that began while away at university….

Reflections Spotlight: Marco Mendez

  Thousands of lives are affected each year by the excessive use of alcohol and drugs. This month’s Spotlight was introduced to alcohol at the age of 3. Growing up with alcohol all around him, alcohol abuse became a lifestyle. Risking everything his life was saved from several major drunken driving accidents, narrowly escaping death…

Reflections Spotlight-Jennifer Morgan

Born with a life-threatening medical condition Sister Morgan, has experienced more than a few moments of uncertainty and episodes bringing her near death. Suffering blood clots throughout her body (including her lungs nearly depriving her of all her oxygen), hospital stays for surgeries, struggling as a single mother during her illness, her faith was tested and…

April and Jousha

Reflections: Spotlight on Personal Testimonies – April Strickland

Husband and wife team April and Joshua Strickland share a personal testimony on preparing for country living, what led them to develop the Reflections Ministry, how the Lord has revealed Himself through trials and triumphs and what work He has set before them. “This came about from a long series of events”, April states as…